Thursday, June 23, 2011


Summer is upon us and life is crazy.  You are running from swim lessons to baseball practice.  You are squeezing in family reunions and camp-outs.  How do we fit it all into our lives, while maintaining a semi normal schedule?  You have to simplify!  This is a small concept, and yet very effective.  Something I'm still learning to do.

Here are some simple tips to destress and simplify your summer.  After all, summer time should be fun time!  So take a load off and read on:

1.  Take some time to sit down and decide what are the most important ways to spend your time this summer.  Make a list.  Then perge the things that can wait until fall from your summer schedule.

2.  Cleaning can be difficult to keep up with.  Pick a project, the dirtiest most needy place in your house.  Do one project a day.  Or set your timer for 30 to 60 minutes and just clean away.  When the timer goes off, it's time to grab the kids and the floaties and head for the beach!  Don't look back; enjoy your day, because you've accomplished something.

3.  If you tend to stress out about unfinished business, this one is for you!  Take 3 minutes and sit down in a quiet spot.  Close your eyes and breathe slowly through your nose, filling your abdomen with air (not your chest).  As you breathe out, focus on relaxing your muscles and clearing your mind.  When the timer goes off, you are free to get up and go.  I promise if you do this 3 times a day you will stay energized longer and feel more relaxed.  

Summer doesn't have to be completely insane, just somewhat.  :0)  Remember, picking a small project to accomplish everyday will make you feel like you are still moving forward and still allow you the family time that you desire.

Organization isn't meant to take over your life, it's meant to simplify it. 

Now go get organized!

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