Friday, October 29, 2010


I spent a few days in September doing some canning.  For most of you this probably sounds like a daunting task, but rest assured it's not as bad as it seems.  And it can actually be fun!  Yes you read that right, FUN!

With a little help and organization you can make your canning experience as great as mine was.  It's fun to have a buddy that you can team up with, so you can do the bottling together.  It makes good company while accomplishing a very satisfying project.  

In this case I called my cousin to help me with most of it.  She has mad bottling skills.  My mom and I tried using the pressure cooker for the first time to do beans.  We did several kinds, from Navy to Pinto to Black to Great Northern.  We did have a couple of mishaps, but overall it went well.  

Have you ever wanted to make chili or some other soup, but realized you needed beans, and well, they didn't have a chance to soak overnight?  I did beans so that I can throw them into any recipe at any time, without having to preplan it all out.  Ultimately this will save time and hassle.  What's the difference between soaking 1 quart of beans and 12 quarts?  Nothing!  It takes the same amount of time.  You throw them in the bottles and pressure cook.  It's that easy!  Don't forget to use a real recipe when bottling foods to avoid having it go bad, and ultimately make you sick.  You can find recipes for anything on the internet.

Peaches, Dill Pickles, Salsa

Pinto Beans, Green Beans, Tomatoes
This is a great skill to learn for self efficiency.  It's also great because YOU decide what goes into the bottle, and you can avoid preservatives and other unhealthy things.  It's a way to go organic and can save you money ultimately.  It's also a great way to use food storage.

I challenge you to try canning next year, if you haven't learned already.  It's an amazing skill to add to your belt of knowledge!

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  1. I love seeing a shelf full of food, can labels are ok but seeing them in the bottles is awesome. I only made it through peaches and tomatoes. I have asked Santa for a pressure canner so I can do everything else.