Friday, June 4, 2010


Childproofing.  Well this has been an interesting week.  No matter how organized I am I still seem to run into some kind of trouble.  Hatcher (my son) is the busiest two year old on the planet.  I don't think the word terror, or stinker, or naughty really comes close to the true explanation for his many exploits.

I have always avoided the typical child proofing devices, because I find them to be a total pain for me.  I've always had the theory that if you teach your children from the very beginning that getting into a drawer is a no no, that child will come to respect that.  

This theory worked amazingly well with my first child.  Zailee, my little girl, never got into anything that was off limits.  If she did, it was once, maybe twice, and when I disciplined her, she would never do it again.  She was the golden child.  She never really made  messes, except when eating or with toys.  (She still is a VERY messy eater)  And I never used any kind of baby proofing device with her.

My little man on the other hand, seems to think that he has free reign.  I have painted over more wall art than I can count, my pantry and fridge are never safe, and he is now trying to commit two year old suicide by running out of the house and down the street.  It wasn't pretty, me chasing after Hatcher in my P.J.'s on a Saturday morning!

After numerous attempts to implement my so called theory, I have finally given up and relented to the child proofing devices.  My device of choice?  Door knob grippers.  He can no longer open doors.  HA!  I finally win!  I can't believe what a change it's been.  The only downfall is that my five year old can no longer open the doors either.  This mostly poses a problem when she needs to use the bathroom or wants to play outside.  A little irritating, which proves my original point, in that they can also be a pain in my tush!  But overall, I'm happy with the results and my new advice to all mothers and future mothers out there would be this...use WHATEVER means necessary to simply your life.  Organizing goes beyond just making sure that a drawer looks neat inside.  It also means it stays that way.
Now go get organized!!


  1. Very well said. Do what you need to do to simplify your life. I like it!

  2. If a parent has an issue with a child diving out the window (Yes my Jason did that) We took to sinking a screw in the window frame so the window doesn't open wide enough for an escapee. I also have wireless door chimes on his bedroom door, front and back doors :)