Thursday, April 22, 2010


My two year old son is very busy and doesn't like to spend much time sitting in one place and doing things, like reading books, or other such constructive nonsense.

Today though, I thought that I would try once again to attempt to spend some time with him doing a constructive activity. My mistake! I pulled out a wood puzzle and tried to help him do it, while teaching him different animals and their sounds. He wanted nothing to do with it and I finally gave up and let him jet out of my arms like a rocket that was ready to launch.

The first place that he took off to, was to the hall closet. Why there, you ask? Because the hall closet is what holds his most prized toy in the world. My vacuum. Yes, you read that correctly. He has a vacuum of his own, and uses it quite often. But it just isn't good enough. He is not ever fully satisfied unless I'm vacuuming along side him.

So in a sigh of exasperation, and a giggle in my throat, I relented and once again pulled out my one constant bonding tool, my vacuum. We vacuumed side by side for thirty minutes before I finally put it away and began to make dinner.

My son is going to grow up to be a janitor...but at least he will feel loved in knowing that I support him.


  1. That is hilarious! What a wonderful boy you have!

  2. My boys would ride on the vacuum cleaner when they were small......sometimes, they'd start to fall asleep. I guess the sound was soothing.