Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day In The Life Of An Organizer

So, another fun filled week at my home. The Easter Bunny brought us a couple of cute little rabbits to our home for us to adopt for Easter. But he told me not to let my children see them until Easter morning. And I was faithful for about 3 days.

Then my daughter had her friend over and they wanted to play outside. The little bunnies were hidden under our porch in the back yard. I told the girls, that they could not go into the back yard and had to stay out front. I'm such a smart parent to think that my child would listen. She did well for a little while, but then there was an eerie silence in the front yard. I immediately went to check on them. Couldn't find them..panicked...called there names...and there they were, cute as could be, playing with the hidden bunnies.

So much for the big surprise! I had to explain to Zailee, that the Easter Bunny had brought them over early because he couldn't carry them and the baskets together on Easter Eve. Luckily, that was a save, but still, this type of thing is pretty normal in my organized, yet somewhat chaotic life.

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