Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day In The Life Of An Organizer

So, another fun filled week at my home. The Easter Bunny brought us a couple of cute little rabbits to our home for us to adopt for Easter. But he told me not to let my children see them until Easter morning. And I was faithful for about 3 days.

Then my daughter had her friend over and they wanted to play outside. The little bunnies were hidden under our porch in the back yard. I told the girls, that they could not go into the back yard and had to stay out front. I'm such a smart parent to think that my child would listen. She did well for a little while, but then there was an eerie silence in the front yard. I immediately went to check on them. Couldn't find them..panicked...called there names...and there they were, cute as could be, playing with the hidden bunnies.

So much for the big surprise! I had to explain to Zailee, that the Easter Bunny had brought them over early because he couldn't carry them and the baskets together on Easter Eve. Luckily, that was a save, but still, this type of thing is pretty normal in my organized, yet somewhat chaotic life.

Friday, March 19, 2010

So I'm a little slow this month. Sorry about that.
I have been so into salad the last couple of weeks. My husband and I have been making this salad that's pretty basic, but beats the heck out of eating just the lettuce that comes in the bag. We've been adding egg, cottage cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers. And then I top it with one of my personal favorite dressings, Green Goddess.


Have you ever noticed how messy it can be to peel veggies, like cucumbers or potatoes? If you aim for the garbage can, you inevitably miss getting a few peels in. And I hate to just grind them in the garbage disposal because it can clog it (or so I've been told). So I have a very easy solution.

Put a piece of plastic wrap or a garbage bag on the counter and peel your veggies right over the top.
When you are done, you just wrap it up and toss it in the garbage. And ta da, no mess.! It can just be a grocery bag that you have hanging around anyway. I always have extras. I actually use those for dirty diapers too. It keeps the smellies out of my baby's room.
So the next time your working in the kitchen try peeling your veggies onto a bag or plastic wrap.
Now go get organized!