Friday, February 12, 2010


Look for the messiest and most disorganized space in your home
. It shouldn't be hard to find. We all have a few. Take a few moments a week to focus on a single space. If seems like we have so much to do and it's overwhelming trying to do it all. Have you noticed that most of the time we don't do any of it because we feel like if we are going to start a project we have to finish it.

It's time to change your attitude. Focus only on the worst thing that is driving you the most crazy. For me today, it was my bottom drawer in my dresser. It's been a while since I organized it, and I noticed that I was starting to have a hard time finding anything, and stuffing things in was becoming my habit. So I took ten minutes this morning to pull everything out and refold it. That's it...ten minutes and I was done!

Don't let lack of time make your home a miserable existence. Ten to fifteen minutes a week is all you need to clean that messy shelf, drawer, cupboard, or paper stack. Take a deep breath, and attack!
Now go get organized!

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