Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to remind you that my website is up and running! And I have a link on this page off to the left. So come and visit to see all of the awesome services I have to offer. If you have any questions contact me and I'll get some info back to you.


Sometimes the house just doesn't even make it through a straightening up. For example, I have one day a week that I try and run all of my errands at the same time. Mostly because I find that if I have to leave my house everyday it just chops up my days and I don't feel as productive.

Also I hate having to load and unload kids and everything else all of the time. Personally I find it exhausting.

But I'm getting off on a tangent. The point is on my errand days, my house suffers. I find that if I at least make the beds my house doesn't seem as disorganized or messy. There can be stuff all over the floor, but if my beds are made, I can actually see something that I did get done at a glance. And for me that's an uplifting thought. So make a habit of taking the time to at least throw your covers up and place your pillows on top of those beds everyday before you get too busy. You'll feel better if you do...I promise.

Now go get organized!

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