Friday, January 29, 2010

Last week I was working on my 72 hour kits-which at times seems like a never ending project. There is always something more that you can squeeze into those backpacks.

I had a sister in law, Amy, share her list with me and it had some items that weren't on my list. So, I thought that it would be great to be able to compare this list with the one I previously posted.

If anyone has something on their 72 h
our kit list that isn't on mine or Amy's, I would love to know what it is. Please leave a comment and share with us.

Creating an adult kit verses a child kit. An adult kit can be larger if you have the room to store them. Amy has bought real back packing packs. The kind you would use if you were to go on an extended hike. They are easier on your back for holding heavier items. You can add essentials like a tent, sleeping bags, tools, etc. Note the list below. A child kit will have things like coloring books and games.

Many of the people in Haiti did not even have shelter after the earthquake happened. Hopefully if we can prepare ourselves for the worst, so that most of us will make it through a difficult tragedy, with some sort of shelter, heat, and food.
Now go get organized!


  1. The one major thing I want to add to my kit is Chocolate! :-)

  2. Some things I've learned are that is that your 72hr kit is considered a flight pack if you need to leave your home after a problem it will get you buy until you get where you are going. That being said the lighter the better. Don't pack canned goods try meal replacement bars, raisins etc. Also no salty foods it will make you more thirsty when you might have a limited supply. We've packed suckers and other hard candies that store well and are a good comfort food. For my kids we have soft blankets and a stuffed animal as well as the coloring books. Another important thing is a family picture with your address. This will help if you get separated the rescuers will direct people to different zones by home address.

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