Friday, January 8, 2010

I want to apologize to everyone for not blogging over the holidays. I was having way to much fun spending time with my family and being at parties. We played lots of games on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

And just when Christmas was over New Years arrived! I had a Nacho Libra New Years Eve party at my house. Lot's of family came and we watched the movie and ate some delicious nachos. Then on New Years Day my family and I went sleigh riding in our 2 horse open sleigh. Then we sat around ate more food, and played more games.

But now,I'm finally back to my basic daily routine and back on my blog.
I'm going to be doing the Cleaning Corner on Mondays, an organizing tip on Wednesdays, and the Time Saving Tip of the Week on Fridays. That's the plan for now. If anyone is interested in learning more about anything related to our topics or would like me to research something for you please email me or leave a comment on the blog.

Thanks for coming and reading!

Shoe stacking in your closet can be a mess. There are several different ways to get those shoes under control. Most women have about 3 times more shoes than men. And we have a tendency to continue buying while rarely discarding old shoes, unless they are starting to fall off of our feet. Sound familiar? First of all, go through all of your shoes. If they are out of style or it's been at least a year since you've worn them, ask yourself why you are hanging onto them. Then dump a few if you can.

You can buy all different kinds of shoe shelves, holders, and hangers for your shoes. Or you can stack them in shoe boxes if you are tight on room. Make sure that you either label the box or put a picture of the shoes on the outside so that when you're looking for the perfect shoes for your outfit you don't have to rifle through all of the boxes. If you categorize them by style and color you'll find it saves time.
Note: If you were to go to some shoe stores and ask them for leftover shoe boxes they usually have a few that can be spared.

Also I've found that I don't have convenient room for my summer shoes and my winter shoes. So I put my flip flops and sandles away for the winter. In the summer I trade my warm fuzzy shoes that I know I'll never wear during the summer months, for my flip flops. Rotating like this has really helped me on space.
Now go get organized!

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