Saturday, January 30, 2010

I appreciate the feedback I've received about the 72 hour kits. The more advice the better, for all of us. One of you suggested suckers and such, one of you suggested chocolate. I say if you need something small to make you feel happier go for it.

I loved the idea about the stuffed animal in the kids packs. Actually that's a fantastic idea to have some sort of "special" for the little ones, as they will probably be in a state of confusion and stress. Whether that is an extra pacifier for the little ones or a small version of a blanket that they love.

I was at the army surplus store the other day, picking up a few things that were missing in my car kit. And I realized that they make dog tags there. I made one for each of us, because you never know if we could become
separated from one another. Someone else mentioned putting a family photo with names and home address in there packs.

This isn't a complete list, as I'm sure there is always something more that you can find that we could use, but it's a start. And starting your kit, is half of the battle. Finishing it is the other half, something I'm always working on...

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  1. Love your blog Taska! It will take me forever to get caught up though. I am soooo unorganized!