Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You should be starting to feel pretty good every time you walk into the bathroom that we have been focusing on.

So, this week take the time to clean your baseboards and wipe down your doors, outlets, and light switches. Spot clean your walls. Now you are almost more thing...when was the last time you cleaned your shower curtain? And no, taking showers doesn't count! Showers=scum!!
Take down your shower curtain and wash it. Or replace it if need be. Oft times it's the inner plastic curtain that is the yuckiest! And sometimes it just gets to the point that it's time to toss it and start over. But if it's still looking in reasonable shape, just throw it in the washer, and shake it out on the porch afterward to get off the excess water. And yes, I've done this many times myself, it really works.

Now you are finished with your bathroom! Doesn't it feel great!
Good Luck with your weekly deep clean!

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