Friday, December 18, 2009

Rush, rush, rush! Does anyone else feel like the holidays are sneaking up on them? Stuff, stuff, and more stuff! Does it seem to be overtaking your home? I love how most of us have a hard time finding room for stuff, and yet we continue to buy. Aggghhh...

I have two levels in my home and one thing I seem to notice is the pile by the stairs. If you have more than one level you know exactly what I'm talking about.

A basket by the stairs. Putting a basket or something similar by the stairs. I prefer one with a handle. Every time you go down stairs you take something from the basket or you can take the entire basket and put those items away. Do the same with a basket at the bottom of the stairs for the items that need to go up.

I only have one basket at the top of my stairs, but in my case I seem to need to take things down five times as much as I need to take them up, due to the structure of my home. This is a great way to keep stuff from flailing all over the stairs and to keep them together. Just remember to take it with you! My husband seems to need reminding sometimes ;0)
Now Go Get Organized!

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  1. If they had hook baskets that went over stair rails, that would be great!