Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hey Everyone,
In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned that I would be starting a blog about deep cleaning your home without the hassle of trying to do your "Spring Cleaning" all at once. Who spring cleans their whole house at once? And who really does it in the spring? NOT ME! Life doesn't stop just because the seasons are changing. So I'm going to give you some simple suggestions that you can do throughout the month to get that deep clean all our homes need! We are going to call it our "Weekly Deep Clean" rather than our "Spring Clean".
We are going to focus on a bedroom this month. I picked a bedroom because it's the holidays. You need to choose a space that doesn't require moving and shifting things in high traffic areas, such as living rooms and kitchens. You need to choose a space that isn't going to overwhelm you during this very busy month.
I chose my son's room for December's project. This week when you dust the bedroom dust all of the nick nacks, shelving, and hard to reach places. Most of us dust only what we can generally reach without a ladder. Go the extra mile this week and get that ladder out. In places where dust has accumulated over time, a wet rag may be the most efficient method. Don't forget baseboards, even behind furniture, if it can be moved. Baseboards are in the closet too. (sometimes I forget that). Good luck with your Weekly Deep Clean!

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  1. Thanks for the motivation,Taska. Small bits at a time seem more achievable than doing a ton all at once. I can do some dusting.