Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another week has gone by and the holidays are well upon us. I've got my Christmas up and most of my shopping done. I like to shop for gifts all year long so that when December comes I'm not rushing around like a crazy chicken and fighting the crowds.
Does anyone else do the Black Friday sales? That is the one day of the year when I do exactly the opposite. I fight the crowds to get the great deals. The girls in my family go together, as tradition. This year we had our shopping done by 7:00 am. We went to breakfast and then to see New Moon later that afternoon. All in all it was a very fun girls day!
Too many cords for electronics lying around? There are two fix it ideas to choose from. You can take a cord and coil it up and rubber band it together. Then take masking tape and label what it's for. Or you can take an old toilet paper or paper towel tube, coil the cord and stuff it in the tube. Label the tube so you know what the cord is for. Now go get organized!

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