Friday, November 20, 2009

Hi Everybody,
The weekend is almost here. It's my chance to relax a little after a busy week of being a mom, keeping house, running errands, doing bills, and working. Sound familiar?
I've been thinking about things I could talk about that might help you simplify your life. And I know for myself that one of the biggest drags is trying to keep my house maintained amongst my other projects and activities that fill up my days. So I'm going to give you some easy hints throughout the year that will help you "Spring Clean" and organize your home without making you feel overwhelmed.
I love lists. I've created a list specifically for Spring Cleaning projects. In my home I focus on a specific room of the house each month so that I'm not overwhelmed. Because this month is almost over we'll start in December with a bedroom.
A lost and found basket is a great way to keep things organized that don't belong to you. I have a basket in my kitchen that has items that people have left at my house when visiting. I also have items that need to be returned to the store or items that I am giving to other people in the basket also. It looks nice and is fully functional. Just don't forget to grab those items when you are meeting up with people or heading to the store. If you don't want to buy a basket, a bin or cardboard box would serve the same purpose. Now go get organized!


  1. Years ago I noticed that you do this. Recently we redid the organization in our living room & I implimented this idea. It works GREAT!! I always know where to find my friend's barrette or sock for the next time I see them. Thanks for you great ideas!

  2. Good idea. I've got the perfect place in my laundry room for this, and lots of things that already need to go in it--if I can just find them.